Cloud Backups

Backups are a critical part of your IT strategy for both on-premise data and cloud-based data, for example services provided by Microsoft and others. The internationally recognised minimum standard for backups is to have three copies of your data on two different formats and at least one of those offsite. This strategy protects against all manner of threats from physical loss of data (fire/theft/flood/malicious damage) to malware attacks.

On-premise backups typically rely on changing physical backup media such as tapes and RDX cartridges, meaning your backup strategy is entirely dependent on someone reliably taking your backup data offsite. Most standard cloud-based services – such as Microsoft Office 365 - do not include any backups at all leaving your business at risk of data loss.

Cloud-based backups take the worry out of your backup by providing an offsite, secure and reliable backup. While some cloud-based backups are still subject to potential data loss from malware, we partner with Cloudian to provide immutable backups that cannot be changed, deleted or otherwise manipulated, giving you security and peace-of-mind. Additionally, should you suffer physical loss of hardware, we can rapidly make your data available from our on-island cloud-based services, support by our local team of technicians.

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